Colic Homeopathic-What Is It?   April 26th, 2010

Homeopathy is anelegant, powerful system of medicine that has been a favourite with theroyal family for many years. People often turn to it when poorly in order to find a more natural way to deal with minorcomplaints, one that doesn't have the side effects associated with manyorthodox medicines.

Homeopathy isoften confused with medical herbalism, but it is, in reality, verydifferent. A homeopathic medicine acts as a catalyst for healing. Itworks by stimulating the body to heal itself. 

It works on thebasic principle of like curing like. Colocynthisis a colic remedy because in ordinary doses it  causes colic in healthypeople – the sort of colic where you double up with pain, the sort ofcolic it can then cure – when given in a very small dose. If you giveColocynthis to a colicky baby who is arching its back then Colocynthiswon't work. 

Homeopathicmedicines are diluted by a special method that releases their healingpotential. We call this the minimum dose, the one that can alleviatesymptoms without causing side effects. It is hard to swallow the ideathat a medicine so tiny … and in so few doses … can do anything.

At the end ofthe day seeing is believing! Try it for yourself, once you haveexperienced the gentle but effective action of a homeopathic remedy foryour baby you will be hooked and may not care about whether it has theblessing of the scientific community! 

Babies aren't vulnerable towanting to please the doctor by having faith in their medicines, evenhomeopathic ones!

When Does Colic Stop?   April 14th, 2010

baby colic 1 When Does Colic Stop?Anne stood by her sons cot, her hands clutching the edge in frustration and despair. ‘When will this end..when does colic stop? How much more of this can I take? Why wont anything work? What am I doing wrong?’

Does this sound familiar to you? Do not worry, if you are a parent of a colicky baby, help is at hand. Colic is a label given to babies who cry without a reason….or so we think. I personally believe that babies do not cry for no reason. Most often than not they are in some form of discomfort.

When does colic stop? Babies are thought to grow out of colic at the age of 4 months, although some do go own for more than 6 months. The theory that babies grow out of colic is now being challenged as recent research shows that babies do not actually grow out of it but they actually learn to adapt to the discomfort or pain.

This means that although you may think your child is perfectly happy and healthy, their body is actually harbouring a discomfort that could manifest in later life as a serious health condition. So, the answer is the symptoms of colic, namely crying, does stop however the cause, the discomfort or pain is never treated and so still exists.

How then can you cure colic for good? The answer to this is to re balance the nervous system of the body-which is the main controller (the CPU) of the body. It has long been suspected that colic is caused by stress in the nervous system, but because there has not been a known cure for stress, there has never been a cure for colic that effectively treated colic.

Now…there is! Baby Bowen is an extremely gentle and simple method of effectively re balancing your babies nervous system. With just 5 gentle moves, your baby will be free of colic and any other causes of discomfort.

So, when does colic stop? With Baby Bowen, the answer is now! Does this sound too good to be true?

Find out why mums around the world are turning to Baby Bowen for help

411 on natural colic remedies Remedies For Colic When Nothing WorksHave you just crawled out of bed for the 5th time this night?Are you physically exhausted and mentally drained from having to soothe our baby whenever he or she starts crying? Are you desperate to stop your baby from crying and to find remedies for colic that actually work? You are not alone!

Colic is the bane of every parents life. It is so frustrating to hear your baby crying and not be able to do anything about it.It is even more frustrating to be told that it is normal and there is no cause for it. Every parent is aware that a crying baby is obviously in discomfort. What can you do to ease this discomfort?

Here is a short list of remedies that I tried and my opinion of them:
1. Herbal teas-Baby did not like them, kept spitting it out
2. Gripe water-No effect
3. Baby massage-Baby enjoyed it but did not help ease colic
4. Warm baths-Not practical when you have a crying baby
5. Noise-Tried washing machine…made no difference

From personal experience, I can honestly say that there are no forms of medication out there that actually do anything to treat the cause of colic. This is perhaps because it is widely believed that there is no real cause for colic. I completely disagree with this. If your baby is crying, he or she is in some sort of discomfort. Once you have ruled out that they are not hungry, too hot or cold and not in need of a change you can probably safely assume that he is experiencing some sort of pain.

In some babies you can pin point the cause of crying to either constipation and gas depending on how and when the child cries. However in most babies, the cause can only be described as some vague discomfort. Because of this most forms of remedies for colic do not actually work. You are left with frustrated parents and an even more frustrated baby.

The only colic cure that actually works is Baby Bowen. Why? Baby Bowen acts to re balance your babies nervous system. As your nervous system controls everything in your body, re balancing it will have an immediate effect on treating the cause of your babies discomfort. Think of it as pressing the reboot button on your computer.

You may be thinking, why would my baby need re balancing? Birth is a traumatizing experience for a baby. If your baby is sensitive, he may still be holding on to the trauma of birth. Imagine your computer experiencing an overload and crashing….this is what has happened to your baby. You need to reboot!

The best of all remedies for colic: Baby Bowen.

From my personal experience of Baby Bowen, I was so shocked at how simple and gentle these moves are…and how effective it is! There are only 5 moves in Baby Bowen…yup, only 5 and it is the most effective colic cure.

Find out more about Baby Bowen here.

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