Colic Homeopathic-What Is It?   April 26th, 2010

Homeopathy is anelegant, powerful system of medicine that has been a favourite with theroyal family for many years. People often turn to it when poorly in order to find a more natural way to deal with minorcomplaints, one that doesn't have the side effects associated with manyorthodox medicines.

Homeopathy isoften confused with medical herbalism, but it is, in reality, verydifferent. A homeopathic medicine acts as a catalyst for healing. Itworks by stimulating the body to heal itself. 

It works on thebasic principle of like curing like. Colocynthisis a colic remedy because in ordinary doses it  causes colic in healthypeople – the sort of colic where you double up with pain, the sort ofcolic it can then cure – when given in a very small dose. If you giveColocynthis to a colicky baby who is arching its back then Colocynthiswon't work. 

Homeopathicmedicines are diluted by a special method that releases their healingpotential. We call this the minimum dose, the one that can alleviatesymptoms without causing side effects. It is hard to swallow the ideathat a medicine so tiny … and in so few doses … can do anything.

At the end ofthe day seeing is believing! Try it for yourself, once you haveexperienced the gentle but effective action of a homeopathic remedy foryour baby you will be hooked and may not care about whether it has theblessing of the scientific community! 

Babies aren't vulnerable towanting to please the doctor by having faith in their medicines, evenhomeopathic ones!

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