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Home Mum and Baby Colic ReliefFirstly, congratulations on the birth of your lovely baby! Motherhood is such a wonderful time in a woman’s life. You have gone through the trials of pregnancy, survived labour and now it is finally time for you to sit back and enjoy being a mother. However, the first few weeks are the most challenging times for a new mother. There is so much to learn and so many new gadgets to figure out! Have you been walking around like a zombie recently?

It is not just the lack of sleep, it is the overwhelming amount of new information that needs to be digested in a very short space of time. It isn’t enough that you have to battle your hormones and latch on to every bit of physical strength that still remains….you now have another individual to care for. It is a steep learning curve!

Sleep deprived, completely exhausted and overwhelmed, you wonder when things are going to get better. Frustration starts to kick in when your lovely little one just won’t fall asleep or won’t stop crying. You start wondering what you are doing wrong. Am I a bad mother? Why won’t my baby stop crying? Why is she in so much pain? What can I do to help him? These are all normal questions that every mother wants answered. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do something to comfort your baby every time they cry? What if you could help them sleep better?

You can….with Baby Bowen!

The birth process is one of the most traumatic experiences for a baby. Just imagine having to leave the nice, warm environment you are so comfortable in and having to struggle to make your way out into the world-breathing-using an organ you have never used before. From the warmth, calm and peace, you are now propelled into a foreign world. You don’t understand the language and not many of these adults understand you either! It is no wonder babies why babies are stressed and exhausted post birth.

From a physical sense, the baby’s body undergoes an extraordinary amount of change. Whether the birth was a natural vaginal delivery, an induced birth or a C-section, each one of these methods create a large amount of stress and strain on the structure of your babies body. Many babies go on to carry these structural strains through childhood which later affect the development of the child and can lead to postural problems, aches and pains.

Apart from structural and muscular problems, newborn babies often experience problems with their bowels (gut). These can lead to constipation, wind and gas and is one of the main causes of colic in babies. A colicky baby is not a happy baby and can cause the parents a huge amount of distress.

Premature babies also need a helping hand in their first few weeks. In fact the first few days are highly important for premature babies. A large percentage of premature babies are born with fluid retention in their lungs which can impair their breathing. This can be a very uncomfortable and distressing time for parents.

A crying baby is extremely distressing for a parent. Wouldn’t it be a great help if you could do something for your child every time they are in discomfort, stop them crying in pain and help them sleep better? Won’t it be amazing to be able to ease their pain and help them and yourself through this tough time?

Well, the good news is, you can!

What if I told you, that you could relieve your baby’s pain safely, simply and immediately with just a few very gentle moves?

Yes, easy, quick and very effective!

You can use this technique from day one of your baby’s life right through to childhood and even in adolescents.

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