Cures For Colic   April 13th, 2010

Intestinal Colic2 Cures For ColicIs colic ruining your life? Do you feel exhausted, fatigued and emotionally drained? Is your marriage under strain? Are you desperately searching for effective cures for colic? Unfortunately this is an too common experience for parents. Are you tired of hearing the words ‘Don’t worry, it will pass?’ Will it? Most people simply assume that colic is a fussy or irritated baby and that the crying is not due to anything in particular. This is not the case.

Babies that are experiencing colic are in discomfort and contrary to popular belief, they do not grow out of colic! They simply learn how to adjust and cope with the discomfort. This means that the cause of their pain is never treated. Yes, your baby will eventually grow up and this pain will then manifest as a serious health problem in later life.

What is the cause of colic? Research has shown that the symptoms of wind, gas and bloatedness are all due to an overactive sympathetic nervous system. This means that your baby is experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress. Does he often get hiccups and have difficulty falling asleep? This is a sign of a stressed out baby.

What then are effective cures for colic? They will only be effective if they are able to rebalance the nervous system in your baby. Unfortunately, you will not find a huge list of remedies for this.

Wish there was baby yoga to destress your babe? Even better..there is Baby Bowen.

Baby Bowen is a highly effective cure for colic. It rebalances the nervous system in just 5 very gentle moves and promotes better sleep patterns in your baby. The effects are immediate!

Find out more about Baby Bowen Here! – All you need to know about getting pregnant from coming off the pill to fertility problems.

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