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stressed or tired mum holding baby Coping With Colic Colic CuresCaroline buried her head in her pillow and let out a scream of frustration. Her 2 month old son, Paul had been crying continuously for the past 3 hours. Caroline was exhausted and drained. She had been coping with colic for a one and a half months. When would it stop? She had taken him to the doctors and they had simply told her that he probably has colic and not to worry he would soon grow out of it.

Great, she thought…another 2 months of this. Her husband Chris was as exhausted as she was and recently their marriage was under a lot of strain. In desperation they bought every single colic remedy they could find. From homeopathic solutions to different feeding bottles. Nothing had worked.

Does this sound familiar? Coping with colic is hard! But why should you have to cope with it? No, I don’t mean lock the door and stick ear plugs in your ear. Motherhood should be enjoyable and so should your babies early months and years. Just because the doctors have no idea how to treat colic it does not mean there is no solution to it.

The cause of colic is not wind, gas and indigestion. It is an imbalance in the nervous system that causes wind, gas and indigestion that causes the symptoms of colic-crying. Yes, your baby is stressed. Wouldn’t you be if you had to go through the birth process and then come into a new environment where nobody understood you?

When the nervous system is not balanced, it is impossible for your baby’s body to function smoothly. Hence you can the symptoms of reflux, indigestion, wind and gas. That is not so different to what adults experience when stressed. So the question is, how do you de-stress your baby?

The most effective technique to re-balance your baby for good is Baby Bowen. Give your child a head start in life! A balanced body is the best gift you could possibly give them.

Baby Bowen is an extremely safe, gentle and simple series of moves that re-balances the nervous system in your baby. Watch as your baby instantly transforms into a picture of peace and calm. No more coping with colic!

Find out more about Baby Bowen here.

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